At Pride Masonry, we have a track record of thinking outside the box and looking for ways to innovate and advance the masonry industry. This is a core value that is key to our success. We are continually looking to new technology to improve our finished product.

Masonry has traditionally been a skilled labor built on the backbone of artisanship, training, and experience. The construction industry is facing a real workforce shortage for skilled labor in general. In 2023, there will be a workforce shortage of over 650,000 workers in the construction field. The masonry workforce is a small part of that overall deficit but must adapt and develop creative ways to innovate while still delivering the same volume and quality of work.

In 2022, Pride Masonry began introducing a 32-inch CMU (concrete masonry unit), intelligent lift-assist device, and augmented reality into the construction market. Our workforce is aging and the question that every trade is asking is, “where do we find help?” We believe that by investing in materials, tools, and technology for our skilled craft workers we will be able to provide a better working environment and extend the opportunity for them to continue working in a field for which they have a passion. Each of these tools and materials allow us to build upon our foundation of excellence and provide a superior product to our clients.